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Microsoft Visitors Center - Redmond, WA – Redmond, WA

Microsoft Construction Project in Redmond, WA

CBI was selected by our partner TK Elevator to provide modernization associated work services for four hydraulic elevators at the Microsoft Visitors Center on Microsoft’s Global Headquarters in Redmond, WA.


Redmond, WA


Modernization of 4 hydraulic elevators. CBI scope of work included upgrades to electrical systems, fire systems, HVAC equipment, building management system, and architectural finishes.

    • Electrical upgrades
    • Fire system upgrades
    • HVAC equipment replacements
    • Building management system integrations
    • Architectural finish upgrades

Unique Challenges

All  Microsoft projects require a high level of detail and management, including detailed submittal and as-built drawing requirements. Microsoft requires all mechanical equipment to interface with building (campus) management systems through their unique FSBR process (Facilities System Business Requirements). FSBR has four phases and includes attending weekly meetings for the duration of the project where the equipment and installation process is reviewed, verified, and approved by a committee of facilities engineers, mechanical engineers, and CBRE team members. Project completion is not possible until all FSBR phases are completed and signed off by multiple inter-company team members. FSBR testing and commissioning is extensive and requires multiple departments to be present for each event, which poses a challenge coordinating.

CBI embraced the FSBR process from the start of each project, which proved to be the winning formula for successfully completing a Microsoft elevator modernization project. We engaged with the creator of FSBR process and used that knowledge pool to proactively manage our modernization projects.