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Who is CBI?

Construction Brokers, Inc. (CBI) is the nation’s most experienced general contractor providing specialty “work by others” services specifically for elevator and escalator modernization projects.

CBI Delivers


We take care of all the related codework like OSHA, ASME, IEEE in Fire rating, electrical, mechanical fire safety compliance. We also make sure that your building and project is following the laws on all levels: federal, local, and state.

Site Survey & Scope

We survey your project to determine an accurate scope of work. We then confirm the scope of work with consultants and local authorities having jurisdiction. We then base our proposal on this scope of work. We do not include unnecessary or additional scope of work in our proposal.

Project Management

We coordinate with the elevator company personnel to ensure our own forces, subcontractors and suppliers complete the project as efficiently as possible. Owners, building management consultants, and design professionals are included in our management decisions. We include scheduling and necessary documentations in our project management.

Right Sizing

We make sure the subcontractors we hire complement the project, not overpower it. This guarantees greater efficiency and economy for your project.

Professional Environment

Through our decades of company and team experience, we provide an environment that affords the customer a level of professionalism and competence. No other competitor can match our experience in this field.

Geographic Coverage

We cover a multitude of regions in the US and have completed projects in 28 states, including the Midwest, Gulf Coast, Southwest, Rockies, Pacific, Pacific NW, and Great Lakes.

Our Services


Whether you need to modernize or replace a hydraulic, MRL, or conventional traction elevators, CBI can provide a turnkey solution to meet all relevant code requirements and desires of the client.


Modernizations or replacements of escalators are typically very intrusive to the building by nature. CBI’s experience in minimizing building impacts, providing aesthetically pleasing barricade systems, and providing a safe and secure worksite for the trades and the public sets CBI’s turnkey approach apart.

About CBI

CBI’s 66 years of general contracting experience and 30 years of elevator and escalator modernization experience provides a level of project expertise unmatched in the industry. The unique nature of each modernization project presents various challenges with an array of building conditions and various code requirements that must be understood and accounted for to successfully complete each project.

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