elevator modernization FAQ

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Does CBI perform elevator and escalator modernizations?

No, CBI performs the related work for elevator modernizations, we don’t install elevator or escalator equipment.

Who does CBI work with?

The elevator company, building owner, or property manager typically contracts CBI.  Regardless of who contracts CBI, it is imperative to have clear communication between all stakeholders to ensure a smooth and successful project. CBI is committed to being one part of the project team and working with all team members to ensure project success.

What is related work or "work by others" for elevator and escalator modernizations?

Related work is code required construction tasks and requested aesthetic work such as fire rating penetrations, electrical systems upgrades, HVAC upgrades, fire alarm and sprinkler system upgrades, safety barricades, drywall work, painting, flooring, etc.

Do elevator shafts need to be fire rated?

Yes, elevator shafts need to have—at  minimum—the same fire rating as the building.

Does a machine room need to meet current code following a modernization?

Yes, the machine room and its systems must be upgraded to meet current codes in conjunction with an elevator modernization.

What codes will impact a modernization project?

ASME, NFPA, NECA, IBC, and other related codes. Someone should always confirm this with your local code authorities, as there is variability by jurisdiction.

Does the machine room need to be climate controlled?

The machine room must meet the temperature and humidity requirements stated by the equipment manufacturers.

Does the fire alarm system need to be tied into the elevator?

Yes, the fire alarm system must be tied into the elevator and provide the proper recall operation.

Does my elevator pit need to be dry?

Yes, the elevator pit must remain dry at all times. A dry pit protects the elevator system from degradation, provides increased safety for workers, and helps reduce any odors.

How do I know when my elevator needs to be modernized?

When equipment exceeds 20 years of age, has problematic operations and/or has excessive code deficiency reports, it is best to contact your elevator service provider for more information.